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Chambers Escape Rooms are real action games, based on attention and intuition.
The rooms are full of clues, that need to be noticed and used in a certain way.
Teamwork is essential - you should always inform your team about the clues you find and the puzzles you solve. You should work together in the most difficult moments of your escape.

Our rooms feature a surveillance system, so that an operator is always ready to assist you (through an audio system) with a extra hint, in case you get stuck.

We recommend you to set having fun as your main goal, but be sure to keep your competitive skills active. Be ready for some surprises - you might find out that the escape game is actually a multi-room.

If you've already played Electric Chair, for example, you know what we are talking about. Don't forget that you can also buy an escape room voucher for your friends in Bucharest.

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You have been sentenced to death on the Electric Chair. One of you is already tied to the chair and is about to be executed.
The other players will start the game in a prison cell, right next to the execution area.
You have 60 minutes to try to escape the entire location.

60 min
2 - 5
Piata Kogălniceanu - Calea Plevnei 5-7
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Counting the days until your flight to Paradise Island! Vacation at last!
You get on the plane, find your seats and take off. You should be on the beach seeping margaritas in no time. Ohh!
But wait! A major change in direction takes place; your flight is being hijacked by terrorists!
What will happen next? Will you survive?

The action takes place today!

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A bomb threatens the center of Bucharest city. You are the only ones who can handle such a deadly and complicated machine, so you have been requested to try to defuse it.
The bomb will be visible for the entire game. Your goal is to gain access to the bomb and stop its timer.
You have 60 minutes to complete the mission.

This room cannot be played anymore.
60 min
2 - 6
Game over


You can pay cash or by credit card. We also serve cold beverages in the reception area.
We offer discounts for students (based on a student ID).

until 17:00
2 players: 45 RON / each
3-5 players: 35 RON / each
EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS2 players: 55 RON / each
3-5 players: 45 RON / each
Students get a 20% discount when in teams of 3 players or more.

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Chambers is one of the first escape room operators to open in Bucharest, with our first room being available to the public in May, 2014.

If you have played at least one escape room before, you already know the basics: you and your team have a mission to complete in a specific amount of time. Before starting the game, you are instructed by one of our gamemasters, so you will enter the room fully prepared. And then the timer starts. Usually, the purpose of the game is to try to escape the room. The game area is packed with clues. You will have to find them all, understand them and use them. Some of the clues might be hidden, others might be in plain sight. Each solved puzzle will give access to more clues. With each obstacle you pass, you get closer to the final goal.

Some puzzle require teamwork. Others may be solved by a single player, case in which the other players are, usually, involved in solving other puzzles in the same time with you.

Our escape rooms are thought so that teams have equal chances, regardless of the teamsize or their technical knowledge. The puzzles are in a so-called universal language. Of course, experienced players might have a better intuition for how puzzle will be solved or how specific clues are going to be integrated within a puzzle.

The ideal team size is 3-5 players.

If you want to find out more about the concept or about Chambers, go to Escape Room Information page.

You can book a game using our online scheduler or by phone: +40 732.632.636. Call us if you have any questions or special demands.


Where you can find us

We’re in the center of Bucharest, a few steps away from Izvor Metro Station,
5 minute from Unirii and Universitate.

Directions: from Piața Kogălniceanu (Kogalniceanu Square), walk 20 steps toward Izvor Metro Station. You can find us between “Prăvălia cu Surprize” and “Gregory Tour” tourist agency.

Exact address: 5-7, Calea Plevnei, ground floor, intercom: 83.
GPS address: 5, Calea Plevnei
Call us: +40 732.632.646

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