60 min
2 - 6
Dificultate: 6/10
Choose the date and time for your reservation. The game lasts 60 minutes.
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Mission: Defuse the bomb in less than 60 minutes.

A bomb threatens the center of Bucharest city. You are the only ones who can handle such a deadly and complicated machine, so you have been requested to try to defuse it.
The bomb will be visible for the entire game. Your goal is to gain access to the bomb and stop its timer.
You have 60 minutes to complete the mission.

A bomb has been planted in the city center, right in the headquarters of Davewriter Agency. The whole city is under a state of alert. Davewriter Agency was called in to ensure security for the big auction tonight. Over 2,000 internationally renowned guests have already arrived by now, which makes cancelling the event almost impossible, even though this alternative is being taken into account. The painting is expected to be sold at a tremendous price, fact that has led to this criminal action. The Fine Art Auction House and the agency's headquarters are just one block away, so the bomb aims to destroy both.

The bomb was discovered by security using a professional detector, while patrolling the city center. The area was evacuated and the officers entered the building but, after a couple of hours, they said they have never seen anything like it, and the only authority that could even attempt to defuse it is the Davewriter Bomb Squad. The bomb is considered very dangerous. The explosion could affect the whole area from Eroilor to Unirii and Universitate. Right now, officers are trying to determine the underground route the terrorists used to get inside the agency and plant the bomb. There is an ongoing investigation right now - digging and measurements are being made... It's simply unbelievable how well-planned the entire thing was. Everybody is now waiting for the Bomb Squad. It looks like there are only 60 minutes left.

Every step you take, try to use your brain, and not luck. Do not use force. Do not pull the wires. Do not touch the objects marked with a string, unless you are given explicit permission for one of them. You have 60 minutes! If you make it to the bomb in time, make sure you know HOW to defuse it.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What happens if we get stuck? Can we ask for a hint?

A: Yes, you can ask for as many hints as your want. We have a formula for the recommended number of hints, so teams chances are balanced. Before starting the game, you will be instructed, in order to enter the rooms as ready as possible.

Q: Can the game be played by non-Romanian speakers?

A: Of course! The game is, by default, in English. We will provide English instructions before the game and hints in English during the game.

Q: Is Bomb Room different than your previous Davewriter room?

A: Yes, completely. The puzzles are different, the logic is different and the game is even more more awesome.

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