Escape room infomation

What happens if my team doesn’t get out in time?

Is there someone watching the game?

How long does a game last?

Is Chambers a suitable escape room for kids?

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What is actually going on inside an escape room once the game starts?

Do I have what it takes to play?

How long have escape rooms been around?

What should I wear?

What is the price for a game?

What should I bring with me?

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Is Chambers 100% Romanian or a foreign franchise?

How many rooms does Chambers have?

What is the best escape room in Bucharest?

When will you open your next room?

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How is the game in Bomb Room?

Is Bomb Room a high tech room?

What is the best time for escaping Boom Room?

What happens if the bomb goes off while we’re still inside? :O

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How is the game in Electric Chair?

What is the best time for escaping Electric Chair?

Do you really have an electric chair in the room?

Do we really get tied before the game stars?

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