About Escape Rooms

What is actually going on inside an escape room once the game starts?
An escape room is a genre of live entertainment that involves being locked in a room, space or series of spaces with a group of up to 6 people (or more) for an hour with the goal of solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles in order to escape before your time runs out. As you figured it out, the main goal is to get out of the room, but escape rooms have evolved and the goal can be defusing a bomb, for example (as it’s the case in Bomb Room). The time can also differ, some escapes take 75 min, other even 90 min to solve.

Do I have what it takes to play?

How long have escape rooms been around?
You will be surprised – the first escape room in Romania opened in 2013, almost 4 years ago! In Bucharest the first opened back in 2014, same year Chambers did. We now have two rooms open for public Bomb Room and Electric Chiar.

What should I wear?
The game usually involves moderate movements so appropriate clothes would be the same you play pool in, for example. At the end of the game we will take a picture of you and your team so take that into consideration too. In Electric Chair you may need to maneuver in and out of a few small spaces during the experience, but it does not require physical fitness, endurance or agility. Just more comfortable clothes. Lets say bowling type of clothes. 🙂

What is the price for a game?
We have an unique rate per person: 45 de lei (~10 €). This is the average price in most escape rooms in Bucharest for 4 people teams. For smaller or larger teams the price may differ, but at Chambers is simple, 45 per person, no matter what. We do have sales for students or during week days.
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What should I bring with me?
You don’t need to bring any specific objects. Just bring your merry self and get ready for a lot of fun. Anything you may need is inside (pen, paper, a lantern or anything you may think of) or will be given to you before/during the game.

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